Welcome to Raccoon Mountain Caverns!

Open year round, rain or shine!

Business hours: Open daily, 9am to 5pm EST*

*due to off-season business, gift shop may close early

Crystal Palace Walking Tours: available daily from 9am to 4pm. Tours leave on the half hour on weekends, on the hour on weekdays

Wild Cave Expedition Tours: by reservation only

Raccoon Mountain Caverns consists of over 5.5 miles of underground passageways. While many caves have small areas of formation growth, Raccoon Mountain Caverns has countless, 100% natural formations along the lighted, 1/2 mile walking trail in the Crystal Palace room. Our cave is exceptionally well preserved and is considered to be the most geologically active in the South. Unlike many other caves, we also offer spelunking tours through several miles of undeveloped cave passageways beyond the walking section.

The caverns features an attached gift shop with merchandise for sale including souvenirs, snacks, and a variety of rocks, gems, crystals, fossils, and gem panning.

We are pleased to offer two distinctly different types of guided tours: Crystal Palace Walking Tours and Wild Cave Expedition Tours.

The Crystal Palace Tour is a 45-55 minute guided walking tour through the front, lit portion of the cave and covers nearly half of a mile. Education is the focus of our tours and your guide will explain how caves form, provide a brief history of our cave, and point out a wide variety of formations including stalactites, stalagmites, soda straws, flow stone, natural bridges, and much more! Guests also have a chance to view cave wildlife including bats and salamanders. Photography is welcomed, however you must keep up with the group. Please note: the cave is not wheelchair or stroller accessible. Crystal Palace Tours are available daily beginning at 9am. The final tour of the day departs at 4pm. Tours run every hour on weekdays, every half hour on weekends. Reservations required only for large groups; please call for info.

Tour Rates:

Adults (13-64)                         $15.95

Seniors (ages 65+)                  $13.95

Students (with ID)                   $13.95

Children (5-12)                         $8.95

Young Children (Under 5)         FREE

Wild Cave Expeditions are our famous “get muddy” tours which visit the deeper, undeveloped sections of the cave. These tours require participants to wear gloves, pads, lights, and helmets -- all of which are provided for your use. Please note: wild cave tours require physical exertion including crawling, pulling and pushing yourself forward using arms and legs, a 15' rope climb and, on the longer tours, extensive crawling. We offer 5 different tours ranging from 2 hours to 4.5 hours and varying in length and difficulty. Varying restrictions on height, age, size, and experience apply to all tours. Reservations are required for all wild cave expeditions. For more information and to make reservations, please visit wildcave.com or call (423) 821-9403 ext. 1. 

Canyon Crawl Expedition (~2 hours):  $30 per participant

Fossil Craw Expedition (~2.5 hours):  $38 per participant

Echo Room Expedition (~3 hours):  $48 per participant

Waterfall Dome Expedition (~3.5 hours):  $54 per participant

Gypsum Crawl Expedition (~4.5 hours): $65 per participant


Frequently Asked Questions about the Caverns

  • Q: What is the temperature in the cave?
  • A: The cave remains a constant 58° F all year. Most guests prefer a light sweater or jacket.


  • Q: Is the cave wheelchair or stroller accessible?
  • A: Due to the layout of the cave, narrowness of some passageways, and number of steps, the cave is not wheelchair or stroller accessible.


  • Q: Are pets allowed in the cave?
  • A: Due to the sensitive and fragile nature of the cave and its ecosystem, no animals are permitted inside.


  • Q: Can guests walk through the cave on their own?
  • A: In order to protect and preserve the cave and ensure safety, all visitors entering the cave must be accompanied by a guide at all times.


  • Q: My question isn't listed here; how can I get more information?
  • A: Give us a call or send us an email! We'd love to hear from you and will happily answer any additional questions you may have. A more detailed FAQ specific to the Wild Cave Expedition tours can be found here.