Business Hours: 

Monday - Sunday, 9 AM - 5 PM Eastern (Last Crystal Palace tour leaves 1 hour prior to closing)

The cave is closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Raccoon Mountain Caverns consists of over 5.5 + miles of underground passageways. While many caves have small areas of formation growth, Raccoon Mountain Caverns has countless, 100% natural formations along the lighted walking trail of the Crystal Palace Tour. Our cave is exceptionally well preserved compared to other caves and is considered to be the most geologically active in the South. We are pleased to offer two distinctly different types of tours:

The Crystal Palace Tour (LEFT) is a 45 minute +/- (we take time to answer all questions and let you take pictures), guided walking tour through the front portion of the cave and covers slightly over one-quarter mile. Education is the focus of our tours and your guide will explain how caves form, provide a brief history of our cave, and point out a wide variety of formations including stalactites, stalagmites, soda straws, flow stone, natural bridges, and much more! The cave is always a comfortable 60 degrees. Reservations are not required, except for large groups. Be sure to bring your camera.

Wild Cave Expeditions (BOTTOM) are our famous “get muddy” tours which require participants to wear gloves, pads, lights, and helmets -- all of which are provided for your use. We offer a variety of tours ranging from the Canyon Crawl, which focuses on viewing life within the cave, to much longer and more strenuous tours.  Advance reservations are required for all wild cave expeditions. Please click here for more information on the Wild Cave Expeditions

The Wild Cave Tours have set tour times. Call 423-821-9403 ext 1 or go to our wild cave website: for more information.   The Crystal Palace Tours run throughout the day at the top and bottom of the hour.


CANCELLATION POLICY:  There are no cancellations or refunds for the Wild Cave Tours. If you fail to arrive for your tour, we incur all the same expenses and may have turned others away; therefore, guests who fail to show for a tour or fail to arrive at the scheduled time will not be refunded the tour price. PLEASE KNOW WE ARE ON EASTERN TIME. PLEASE SCHEDULE YOUR TRAVEL TO ARRIVE 30 MINUTES PRIOR TO YOUR TOUR START TIME.