Enjoy the thrill of finding a variety of semi-precious gemstones, arrowheads, or fossils the old-fashioned way by using a screen in an authentic water sluice. Gems you may find include amethyst, aventurine, quartz, peridot, ruby, raspberry quartz, topaz, rose quartz, quartz crystal points, sapphire, obsidian, citrine, emeralds, and many more. We also offer the chance to pan for arrowheads and ancient fossils.

Panning bags are pre-loaded and guaranteed to contain a variety of real semi-precious stones, arrowheads or fossils.

Panning is a fun and educational activity, as it provides an exceptional introduction to proper panning and sluicing techniques while providing the excitement of finding hidden treasures. Rock collecting is a great hobby for all ages and the stones that you find can become the foundation of your very own rock collection.

Gem Panning is available for purchase in the gift shop daily. Sales end at 4pm.



Prospector (2lb Gem Bag) - $4.95

Arrowhead Find (3lb Bag) - $6.95

Paydirt (3lb Gem Bag) - $6.95

Fossil Find (3lb Bag) - $8.95

Lucky Strike (5lb Gem Bag) - $10.95

Emerald Strike (5lb Gem + Emerald Bag) - $12.95

     Mother Lode (10lb All Inclusive Bag) - $29.95